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When I just record myself I choose the XY mode. I find it offers the best compromise in sound quality and disk space. I don't know if you already noticed that creation date of the audio files doesn't transfer to the mac.

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I use BatchTouch to add a creation date to the imported files. Jan 17, AM. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I hadn't noticed the creation date issue, because my Finder is showing the modified date. But sure enough, my creation date is Dec 31, Jan 17, PM.

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With the NTG2, you can have battery power or no battery power. If you use the battery, make sure you disable phantom power on the H4n. Ditto for the other way around: disable the battery and enable the phantom power. Do make sure if you are using phantom power to shut the device off or the phantom power off before pulling the microphone out of the plug. Secondly, I might go to a local shop and try out their microphones with your H4n. You also could try the other input, and make sure your levels are OK.

I get some kind of noise problem in my recording. I use the H4n as external card to hook my microphone to the computer by xlr cable.

You suggesting to put some batteries and plugin the power supply before connecting to USB? I hope this will solve my problem. That does not seem like the noise I experienced. If you can, I would record to the H4n directly rather than using it through the computer.

You can then tell if the sound is generated by the H4n or by the computer. I am new to owning a Macbook Pro, and have been recording oral histories on a H4n. Can anyone help me? Hi, Kristin! You also want to make sure your sampling rate is consistent, as recording at 48KHz within a Note to Kristin and MacBook Pro users.

You can simply remove the card from the H4n and slide it directly into the card reader of your mac, first slot on left side. Then you can move files around or import them into a sound program.

Zoom H6: Audio Interface Capabilities (Mac, PC, iPad)

It sounds a bit like the levels are peeking. This is driving me nuts, and got really excited when I found your post, but powering up the H4n on batteries has not solved my problem. Tried it on a friends H4 and same problem. AAAArgh Thanks. I experience a problem like Alexis Cornellier — a cut out every ten seconds. The solutions given to reduce latency etc made my laptop hangup so bad I had to reinstall the operating system with loss of data!

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Now I use the H4n as a stand alone, and transfer the files to the computer for editing after. Still quite a lovable handy recorder though. You saved my dayS I spent on that. My battery might not have been powerful enough? The quality of the recording was either bad or… worse inaudible. Zoom should publish this issue on their FAQ! By the way, do you know how to contact the guys from Zoom, to let them know about this issue?

I got a problem like Paul is describing—a sort of crackle on the loudest notes which also happened to be the highest notes of the recording. I had it only when using the H4n as an audio interface using the H4n alone and recording to the card was working fine with my macbook pro or powerbook G4 the only computers I had to work with. Someone named operaflute finally suggested I try recording with a sample rate of 48K and that solved the problem. I test it in another PC, problem is still. Zoom F8n Field Recorder. Zoom FS Foot Switch.

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