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I think they are still working on it. Hi, due to nerve damage in my hands, I am unable to use them for typing, and I want to go back to college to complete my degree. Is there any program that I can use to do my online work, as well as type research papers through dictation process since I am unable to use my hands in this manner. If anyone has anything please let me know. I need something that is affordable, yet good.

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  • Use Dictation.

Any insight will be appreciated. Neither the dictation, nor text-to-speech works in the previous version of MS Office, nor in the upcoming one. Microsoft is starting to understand it is not the only game in town, however, there is little to indicate that it is learning from its mistakes — but this learning curve is too lengthy.

MS provides de minimis for those in the disability community.

Disability support is a very hit and miss proposition as well in the Apple ecosystem pretty good on the Mac and still improving in IOS. So how can that help a segment of the disability community? But who knows? Perhaps Apple has some obstacles to its implemented solutions — who can tell?


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So come on Microsoft listen to your customers! Thanks for both this article as well as for your Web site. If a visually impaired person wanted to use Dragon Dictate, does that package work well with VoiceOver? I am interested to buy a Naunce speech recognition software in Malayalam for dictation. Can you please recommend one. If the user is just rambling off content, would the software capture the language?

If you just speak the content you will get essentially one enormously long sentence with no punctuation or new paragraphs in it but othewise it seems to work fine — just more editing, as you said.

Can I train both software to recognise my speech? Im a radiology resident and I would like them to recognise medical terms. I am willing to train them from the start if needed. Yes, both methods will learn to recognise your voice over time. We are looking for a way to transcribe interviews one person and the interviewer.

They will be long, over an hour. Would we need to have each interviewee train Dragon Dictate at the beginning of their interview? Is that a long process? Is this the best software for these interviews for Mac OS Maverick?

Inside OS X Mountain Lion GM: Dictation & speech

Dragon can only cope with a single user at a time. My very inexpert impression is that Dragon Dictate is working considerably better on Windows than the Mac. I dictate something to the mac however, it does not type what I said. I then have to go back and type out what I just said. Accuracy is a big problem with dictation. Hi Ricky, Thanks for your article.

How to Setup Text To Speech on macOS High Sierra VERY EASY

Does the new software automatically train itself after a spelling correction has been made? The real annoying part is that I can not train it to prevent it from making the same mistakes over and over again. In the past I have used Dragon Dictation in Windows. Okay, it took half an hour of reading to have the computer recognise my broad Australian drawl. Each time I used it I would correct the mistakes. After a week or so I was down to one or two errors per page! If so all that money for Dragon might be wasted. I hope this was useful. Regards Ross Macdonald. That was very a very useful comment Ross.

Yes I agree the lack of training and correction is a complete deal-breaker.

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So your trial of OS-X Dictation was worse than my vide above? I assume you have a good mic? While I really do appreciate the time you spent comparing the different types of word recognition and I can see the benefits of both, I am really surprised that you, as a writer, would not take the time to grammar or spell-check your work. Say basic stuff like, pause, play, etc. Thanks for your reviews!

How to overcome problems with OS X Dictation

How is it with Yosemite, has Dictate improved? Yes has improved very much with accuracy.

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It seems pretty much on par with Siri and it seems more accurate than Dragon out of the box. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: If you can't upgrade to View answer in context.

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