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Mary Jane Watson, who is working as a journalist for the Daily Bugle is playable at certain points in the game. Her part of the level focuses on sneakiness.

Lucky Spider Solitaire

Players must avoid getting spotted so they can enter into the room of a museum to gather evidence. Right now this game is available to download as. Spider Man has abilities just like a web zipline and a powerful spring jump that can help him speed up and also cross gaps.

Helping people, catching thieves and other activities give Spider-Man experience points. He can use them to unlock new abilities. Right from the start, Spider Solitaire deals 54 cards on the tableau in ten piles, face down with the exception of the top cards.

You are required to built piles from King to Ace in order to remove them from the table. The rest of the cards are downturned and divided into 6 stock piles at the bottom right corner.

You can easily click and drag cards on the tableau piles and rearrange them in the required sequence. To reveal a downturned card on the tableau piles you need to remove the upturned cards first. Empty tableau cards can be occupied by any card and every time you run out of possible moves you can deal new cards by clicking on the stock pile.

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Spider Solitaire 1.1.0

Each move you make requires 10 points from your high score so it is recommended to make as few moves as possible in order to grab a high score. Spider Solitaire comes with intuitive point-and-click game controls, simple graphics, sound effects and background music.

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Thanks to the Options menu you can adjust the sound and music level and enable or disable the fullscreen mode.